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How we can help

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons and in different situations and usually have a sense of being stuck with something they can no longer deal with.  It might be a problem that has built up over time, or frustrating feelings that keep repeating.  Either way, this can be getting in the way of living your life.
Talking to a trained psychotherapist can help to break unhelpful patterns of thinking and aid greater understanding.  You know yourself and your situation best, but a therapist can help see links and patterns you may not have thought of.  You and your therapist work together to find new and more effective ways forward.

​Therapy can help with many different problems, such as:

Depression and unhappiness
Alcohol and addiction
Anger management

Low mood

Marriage issues
Mental Health Issues
Post traumatic stress

Relationship issues
Sexual identity
Social anxiety
Workplace stress

and more

Anxiety is a normal human response to threat and we all need some anxiety to function in the world and to keep ourselves safe. But too much anxiety can be distressing, and we then try to stop ourselves feeling anxious, which can often make things feel even worse. 
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Depression is more than just feeling low, it’s a mood disorder which can bring about long-lasting symptoms such as overwhelming sadness, low energy, loss of appetite, and a lack of pleasure in life. Fortunately, therapy has been shown to be effective in helping.
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Relationships should be where we find love, but they can sometimes turn into battle zones. The stage can be set for action-reaction type conflicts. How can we go about unwinding these patterns and finding our way back to the loving feelings that used to be there?
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